Our Public Transport

A visual identity for the global Our Public Transport programme of the International Transport Workers' Federation (ITF).

The brief:

The brief:

Good quality public transport is essential in a world with rapidly growing urban centres and climate change. However, too often public transport planning does not include the views of the real experts – workers and passengers.

The ITF is working to change this by building strong unions and developing an alternative model of public transport based on public ownership, public investment, secure jobs and rights for public transport workers.

The ITF does this through strategic campaigning in cities and regions, building alliances and engaging with international and regional public transport decision-makers.

The solution:

The solution:

This visual identity aims to convey the inclusive yet incisive character or the programme. We emphasise the “OUR” in “OUR PUBLIC TRANSPORT”, and where possible use images of groups or even crowds of people, to symbolise collective action and collective ownership. We use type boldly as if speaking with a strong collective voice.

Our colour palette uses vibrant tones and combinations because we are positive and probing – we want to assert passenger and workers’ voices in the public transport discourse. The palette was developed to be digital-first (RGB), because the primary communications channels for the programme are digital.

OPT Business Card MockUp.png


I was asked to design something that would stimulate social media activity among ITF affiliate unions. The programme aims to give workers and unions a voice in public transport, and so placards seemed an appropriate medium. They’re part of the material language of protest, disruption and dissent. They’re also an irresistible object to pick up and take a selfie with!

It was important to make the objectives of the programme clear and prominent. Out of the expansive network of projects – from organising rail workers in Bangkok, to fighting to end violence against women bus conductors in India, to building alliances with transport employers at the UITP – we drew 4 overarching objectives. We turned these into direct calls to action. For example, “organising workers in new and existing public transport systems” became “Workers’ rights in public transport.”

The placards have proven very popular at meetings. They’ve also been translated into multiple languages for use at rallies organised by ITF affiliate unions.